OVERVIEW: The “Poster Session” consists of displays of working equipment and explanatory posters.  The demonstrations are to be done in conjunction with the awards ceremonies for Physics each spring.


APPRAOVAL: Mr. Cheney must approve Projects beforehand.  Only one group can do each type of project: first come, first served!


SCHEDULE:  An exact schedule will be posted each spring.

·        The plan for the project must be approved at least three weeks before the presentation.

·        The poster design must be approved two weeks before the presentation

·        The projects must be operating a week before the presentation.


EXPLAING TO THE PUBLIC:  Some member of the group must be available to explain your project to the public roughly from 12:00 pm to 4:00pm the day of the presentation.



CREDIT:  Each contributing member of a group receives a maximum of 30 points extra credit.  There must be an accounting as to what each member contributed!



·        Everything must be readable from three meters away from the poster.

·        Big diagrams are best!  J

·        Big pictures are good!  J

·        No small text L



·        It has to work!

·        Big and spectacular! J

·        You can use experiments you have done, any equipment we have, or any equipment you have.


CONSULTING:  You can consult with Mr. Cheney or the Stock Room as to what we have and how to make it work.